CISCO World Ladies Match Play
Pro Ama Tournament

October 30, 2002

Narita Golf Club(Chiba)
6467y/Par 72
Bent Green

with Beth

Beth Bauer lives in Florida. She received instruction of her father who is a professional golfer from 3 years old, and became a professional golfer. She was chosen by US-LPGA in 2002 at the rookie of the year. She will be the infallible future hope of US-LPGA. She seldom contributed to us the amateur, in the pro amateur tournament. After all, my team was the 18th of 32 teams. She was concentrated on practice silently because of the formal game of the next day. She is 22 years old. She is the beauty player in which the innocence of age suitability is given. It is said that the player which she respects is Beth Danial. The reason is that she makes people friendly and homely. Is there a person who makes it softened in a Japanese professional golfer ? Such a person may be Shigeki Maruyama who is playing an active part in the U.S. tournament.

The rule of a game was a scramble system. It chooses the best ball in the 5 balls which all the members hit, and strikes it with all the members. Therefore, everybody's score becomes quite high. Our team was the 18th among 32 teams although our team was 8 underpars.

from left, Agatsuma, Tsutsui,Beth BauerAIkeda,Ogura


Ranking Professional player's name out in Gross
1 Woo-Soon Ko 28 30 58
2 Hee-Won Han 29 30 59
3 Toshimi Kimura 31 29 60
4 Orie Fujino 31 29 60
5 Hsiu-Feng Tseng 32 29 61
| omiting the middle @-@ -@ -@
18 Beth Bauer ; the team to which I belong 34 30 64
24 Annika Sorenstam 34 31 65
32 Ikuyo Shiotani 34 33 67