Remenbering my sister's death,
sending my message to her son 'Franz'

February 23, 2022

My 75-year-old sister died suddenly in Sapporo February 2, 2022.
At that time Sapporo had a record heavy snow.
A few days ago she swam in the pool as usual.
Nevertheless she suddenly got sick and rushed to the hospital.
The doctor couldn't do anything when she arrived at all.
The cause of her death was aortic dissection.
I had a telephone conversation once a week to confirm her safety.
But her sudden death was a terrible shock to me.
Let me introduce my little memory to her son
who couldn't witness to the death of his mother.
Because he is living in US, far from Japan.

She(right) visited Children' cafeteria run by my wife(left) November 2019.

Her work desk in Sapporo

She married an intelligent American she met in Germany
and gave birth a son in US.
Her son 'Franz' has two sons now and is active as a lawyer in US.
She sometimes happily talked to me about her two grandchildren.
She was teaching English mainly based on YMCA.
Recently she wasn't tired of English and started studying French.
She went to the pool every week
and enjoyed interacting with some intimate friends.
When I phoned or emailed to them she left notes,
they were surprised and very sad at her sudden death.

Franz's family visited Japan October 2018